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Mandarin Chinese for Foreigners:

Do you want to learn Mandarin Chinese? Maybe a better question is “Do you need to learn Mandarin Chinese?”

Cold beer = bing de pi jiu
How much = duo shao qian

What else do you need to know?

Let’s face it, Mandarin Chinese is hard to learn. You either need to have a gift for learning language or study hard and dedicate lots of daily time for years just to pick up the basic active language.

Many foreigners that I know in China would like to speak the language but the reality is it probably won’t happen. They are either working for a multi-national, a business man or an English teacher busy making a living and don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to study language.

It took me a good five years of pretty dedicated study to speak relatively well but in the end I still have staff or Chinese friends to help when ever problems arise or I need to do some governmental or business related matters.

There are many Chinese people that would be happy to teach you, classes you could take and excellent pocket books like the Lonely Planet you can get at any book store throughout China.

For more on learning Chinese and a quick reference guide click here: Free Mandarin Fundamentals eBook