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Qingdao’s Laoshan (Jade Laced) Green Stone: (崂山绿石)

Laoshan Mountain is located on the shore of the Yellow sea in North East China in Shandong province. The highest peak of Laoshan Mountain is 1133 meters. Overlooking the sea, the mountain is characterized by the imposing canyon and undulating peaks and mystery mist.

Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao

Laoshan Mountain is said to be home of the "supernatural Spirits". It is the highest mountain along China's 18,000-kilometer-long coastline, as well as the only mountain whose peak is over 1000 meters along China coastline. In the old book "Qi Ji"(a record about China between BC 478- BC 221), there is a record of "Tai mountain is not higher than Laoshan Mountain along Yellow sea".

The description is not for their real heights but focuses on their comparative grand impressions. In Qin Dynasty (BC 221-BC 206), the first emperor Qinshihuang once came here to visit the so called supernatural beings. In the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 – AD 907), the great emperor Lee Longji also traveled to find supernatural medicines for a eternal life.

Green Jade of Laoshan

Unique to this mountain is the people of the villages and the Laoshan Green Stone. (崂山绿石). Even more unique is the story about how the rock is harvested, sculptured and recent tragedy that fell on one of the villages.

Laoshan green stone is from the depth of Laoshan Sea, it is very rare stone and hard to get. It is said that Goddess of Sky-patching left the remains in the East Coast to make it. It is also called depth jade. This rock is unique to about 400 meters of seaside where the mountain penetrates the sea of Fan Ling Qian Village (青岛崂山区王哥庄街道返嶺前村) of Laoshan, Qingdao. They claim that this rock in this quality cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

This unique Green Stone is laced with grades of Jade. The picture below of this large piece shows traces of white which is pure jade, the light green is also a type of jade.

Green Jade of Laoshan Green Jade of Laoshan
Green Jade of Laoshan Green Jade of Laoshan

The local villagers break these rocks from the side of the mountain deep in the sea. It is dangerous work. Then they haul it up to their village workshops and carve it into unique sculptures.

Green Jade of Laoshan Green Jade of Laoshan Green Jade of Laoshan

The China government recognized this beautiful natural resource is limited and now banned harvesting Green Stone. One owner of a few hundred stones has developed a museum that the Government wants to purchase to preserve the stones in this country. Some of the big stones you see in the above pictures are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have been purchasing smaller stones for clients over the last several years from a local resident named Lin Jian Qiang (林建强), an artist who makes his living from sales of their sculptures and jewelry. Mr. Lin can make any design you want from your choice of rock or choose one of his already made sculpture. Contact Mr. Lin at 0532-8797 9017 or his mobile at 13863925027 and tell him his old Canadian friend 江大鹏 sent you and you will get good pricing. He also distributes the famous Mount Lao green tea if that’s your fancy.

Fan Ling Qian Village (青岛崂山区王哥庄街道返嶺前村)
Company name on his shop sign: 新新健绿石绿茶批发
GPS Coordinates: 36.198136,120.681794

There is also the Laoshan Green Jade Museum run by Mr. Zhu Peijiang. Mr. Zhu has spent the last twenty five years gathering this rare green stone and houses the largest collection in the country. Please be sure to visit this museum on your way to Mount Lao.

Laoshan Green Jade Museum (崂山绿石博物馆)
On the S212 Provincial Road just before entering the Laoshan Provincial Park area.
Tel: 0532 – 8880 3838
GPS Coordinates: 36.121597,120.601536